RCIA is not a program—it is a sacramental formation process rooted within God’s unconditional love and the call to a covenant relationship. 

RCIA prepares individuals and communities for transformation and conversion and leads one to surrender of oneself to God, to grow into the fullness of God’s design for us. 

RCIA is a formation process that informs, transforms, and affects all dimensions of life 

RCIA is intended to facilitate the experience of conversion and the response of faith. 
RCIA is for:
  • An unbaptized adult
  • An adult baptized in another Christian denomination
  • A baptized Catholic adult who has not been raised in the Catholic tradition, and has never celebrated Eucharist and/or confirmation

RITE OF CHRISTIAN INITIATION OF ADULTS (R.C.I.A.) INQUIRY CLASS will begin Sunday, August 14, 2022, 7:30 AM.

♦ Open to all adults (18 Years or older) who would like to ask questions and get answers so they can make an educated and informed decision about becoming or being a Catholic. 
♦ Also, for Baptized Catholic adults who need to complete their Catholic lives by receiving the Sacrament(s) of:
Eucharist, Reconciliation and/or Confirmation. 
♦ And for anyone interested in continuing education in Catholicism.
We offer information about the Catholic faith without any pressure to join. Please contact the St. Joseph Parish Office at 936 344-6104 or RCIA Coordinator, Tom Miner 281 787-1588 for more information. Or, just show up - "walk-ins" welcome. Classes are held in the Conference Room of the Parish Office Building (South end of parking lot across from the Church).